to support young people in study and career choices

WAVE (Workshops + Awareness + Values ​​+ Engagement) is a 2.5-year educational project that aims to create a new method for supporting young people in Europe, in their study and career choices. Within WAVE, creative group work will be central to the method development, where the focus is on young people receiving support in making choices for a meaningful and sustainable future, when it comes to their education and career choices.

The project is based on the situation of young people, where many experience uncertainty for the future (climate issue, economy, social situation) and at the same time have to make choices (educational and professional) that have a major impact on their future opportunities. The pressure that young people experience around these choices can lead to making uninformed, uncertain decisions - or that they are unable to make decisions at all and get stuck in exclusion, without knowing how to find their way forward and realize their dreams and goals.
TILLT AB, STOP-KLATKA, and Teatro Prova will work together to develop an innovative study guidance method that provides study counselors and teachers with tools to support students in their choices.

The project partners have many years of experience in using drama therapy, working with young target groups, and in using artistic methods to inspire individuals to create innovative and creative ways to solve problems.
Wave will, among other things, engage 150 students in Italy, Poland and Sweden in method development workshops, we will engage 9 young people who participate in 2 international project activities. At the end of the project, we will spread the method through an e-book, national seminars and an international final conference.