Organizational development

attitudes, openness and reflection

TILLT's work on organizational development usually revolves around attitudes, openness and reflection.
Based on a given need and/or a desired goal, a matched artist works through his/her ability to analyze and think creatively in creating development within the business. Process managers follow and support the process.

about the service

For example, an assignment on organizational development can be about:

  • to strengthen groups and individuals.
  • to generate and develop ideas for changes that come from the staff group.
  • to look at the interaction between management and employees.
  • to work with a management team on a theme that the group has identified - for example, courage, communication or respect.
  • to increase / strengthen the interaction with a group.
  • to work with an art form, do something artistic together, but with clear support from process management to formulate together what the goal of the activity is.

In-depth process

An in-depth process means that participants - whether it is a workplace or another group of people - together for an extended period under the guidance of an artist are given the opportunity to go into depth on a current issue. The result is usually new insights, better attitudes and a more open climate.


At our shorter workshops, participants will explore, challenge and reflect on a current issue under fun and creative forms. Read more about our workshops here.

this is how we work

Under the guidance of an artist and a process manager from TILLT, you are guided in a creative and analytical process. The artist leads in an amusing and playful way exploratory and reflective exercises where we together have a dialogue that illuminates, clarifies and develops current issues.


In concrete terms, the process leads to managers and employees becoming better at collaborating and highlighting each other's differences in order to perform better together. In the wake of this, the response culture within the organization is developed both internally and externally.
The focus is on the individuals in the process rather than on roles and function.

an artist?

Working with artists and creative approaches is a well-proven way of challenging attitudes and instilling courage to try new mindsets for individuals and groups.

For more information about the Organizational development service, contact Maria Mebius-Schröder or Nina Kjällquist.