elderly care development

who is the guest at a retirement home?

TILLT's elderly care development project contributes to the development that is going on in the country, where we strive to leave the view of elderly residents as routine workplaces to a salutogenic approach where you are open to new thoughts, ideas and an enabling thinking. Accommodations where the employees instead of the elderly are guests.


In order to live up to the national values and at the same time create the elderly care of the future, today's elderly care needs, among other things, to safeguard and respect the individual's right to privacy, bodily integrity, self-determination, participation and individual adjustment. What does this mean for the staff in action and behavior?
In order to work with a salutogenic approach, certain key words are important: comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness.

The path from care to a person-oriented relationship can be crooked. Artistic approach here can help facilitate the journey on this road. Artists have the ability to challenge and influence in a way that can have a profound and lasting impact.

what does tillt do?

TILLT offers a fun and reflective way with different creative methods supporting the working group. An artist-driven process instead of a course.
In this area, our projects have involved dignity guarantees, professional pride, job satisfaction, meaningfulness, group dynamics and salutary attitudes in action and behavior.

We have carried out about 15 longer projects and processes in the elderly care development and several shorter ones. Examples of some of the projects of recent years can be found here.

For more information about Elderly Care Development  please contact Nina Kjällquist.