Inclusion and intercultural approach

How to embrace and harness the power of diversity

About the course

Does your workplace feel heterogeneous, embracing diversity? Or does it feel homogenous, in need of challenging preconceptions and attitudes? Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to theoretical plans in your diversity work? TILLT arranges a short course in “Inclusion and inter-cultural approach” that might be what you and your colleagues are looking for.
It consists of two days filled with practical workshops where we explore, examine, challenge and test our attitudes about diversity in the workplace.
We work with attitudes and interaction, where an open-minded approach to each other’s differences can give new insight.

AimThe aim of the course is to involve the participants in creating an including environment at their workplace.

The participants will

  • explore the intercultural approach
  • examine the importance of diverseness, of being open and able to listen to others
  • test and challenge one’s own and others attitudes  


The course is held during two half-days and contains dialogue, reflection and easy, enjoyable exercises that promote creativity and new insights. The course is adapted to the participants’ experience and prerequisites. 

Time and place
Currently the next course is not in schedule.

2 400 kronor per participant plus VAT

Day 1 Theory and self reflection

  • Theoretical background to intercultural approach
  • Reflect and challenge prejudice

Day 2 – To meet others

  • Reflections about differences and diversity in groups   
  • How to meet other people and heterogenous groups with openness and flexibility

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Currently the next course is not in schedule.

For more information about the course Inclusion and intercultural approach please contact Maria Mebius-Schröder.