About us

Our vision

TILLT has a vision of a sustainable society where art contributes to human growth. We initiate development projects where art and culture meets the challenges in different, non-artistic societal arenas.

What we want

We want to create and carry out high-quality projects about current societal questions, where artists are creative motors. We have identified several focus areas that we feel are important to our work and they are continually updated.
We want to challenge, while simultaneously keeping participation, interactivity, diversity, motivation and reflection as essential ingredients in our projects. We believe that these are the prerequisites for the possibility of individuals, organisations, and society being able to make informed choices.

Our organization

TILLT is a svb-company, a Swedish form of corporation with limited dividend distribution (not-for-profit). The company is owned entirely by the non-profit association Skådebanan Västra Götaland,.
TILLT has an office in Göteborg with seven employees.


In our work, it is high priority with collaboration with actors and organizations in the community who work for the same goals and vision.
Collaboration with artists is the foundation of our work. TILLT offers assignments to 10-20 artists annually. The goal is for 20% of turnover to go to artists.

political assignments

We have a long-term commission from the Regional Authority of Västra Götaland as well as a commission from the Swedish Arts Council.


We exist because we want to develop people, organizations and society. We want art and culture to play a bigger role in society and societal development, and thus create a better, more creative and sustainable society.


We create projects in which artists and organizations meet to develop creative and innovative processes, around topics such as communication, innovation development, idea generation, leadership, values and diversity.
Often the projects are about important societal questions such as, diversity, climate change, integration, elder care and gender equality.


Our projects can last for a few hours or continue over the span of a few years. In our projects, we create individual, organisational, and artistic development.
Process leaders follows, supports and quality controls the process during the project.