Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a women's issue

Do you want your workplace to work with gender equality for real? Are you looking for an alternative to theoretical plans in your work on gender equality? Then you can collaborate with TILLT.


The issue of gender equality has received a lot of attention in the past year. It is good. More and more workplaces are seeing the need to work on this issue internally. Many review their internal documents and open up discussions about communication and behavior in the workplace.

WHAT does tillt do?

To work on the gender equality issue in depth and create change requires more than gender equality plans and policies. As in all our projects, we try to work with relationships, values, emotions and norms in our artist-controlled projects. We work at the individual level to challenge attitudes and create openness.

this is how we work

Under the guidance of an artist and a process manager from TILLT, you are guided in a creative and analytical process. The artist leads in an amusing and playful way exploratory and reflective exercises where we together have a dialogue that illuminates, clarifies and develops current issues.


In concrete terms, the process leads to managers and employees becoming better at collaborating and highlighting each other's differences in order to perform better together. In the wake of this, the response culture within the organization is developed both internally and externally.
The focus is on the individuals in the process rather than on roles and function.

For more information about how TILLT work with Gender Equality please contact Nina Kjällquist.