shorter workshops

Impact that develops your employees

In addition to its longer processes, TILLT also offers shorter workshops, either with artists or with TILLT's process leader. These can be customized but usually focus on attitudes, treatment and/or openness. Common to our methods is that they touch, challenge, create reflection and participation. The activities can advantageously be carried out at a conference or during a staff day or the like.

Forum theater and forum games. To visualize challenges and dilemmas

Forum Theater and Forum Games - are tools that highlight dilemmas and issues.
The methods engage both heart and brain and the participants can see and engage with different improvised solutions to the same dilemma with their own eyes. Forum theater and forum games create both recognizable laughter and real insight!

Forum games are a bit more in-depth and this form fits well in a smaller group of 10-25 people who want to work on a theme for half or a whole day.

Increased competence and visibility of attitudes
After participating in the activity, participants will have tried attitudes, reflected and formulated around concrete and difficult questions relevant to the group. This will make it easier for participants to raise awareness and deal with issues of this kind in their daily work.

The participants carry with them new knowledge, power and courage to act when difficulties arise
For more information about Forum Theater and Forum Games please contact Nina Kjällquist.

Socratic conversation. To strengthen conversation and dialogue in the workplace.

Socratic conversation is a method that aims to strengthen the qualitative conversation and dialogue in the workplace. The method develops the individual's own thinking and learning in a group.
A Socratic conversation is based on a source material (an image, a text etc) and is based on some given rules of the game:

  • To make exploration possible through thoughtful dialogue.
  • That there is no right or wrong.
  • To listen
  • To be prepared to change their position

Participants in a Socratic conversation practice their ability to be open and receptive to new perspectives and to be flexible and creative in their thinking.
All in order to develop their ability to cooperate with others.
For more information on Socratic conversation contact Maria Mebius-Schröder.

diversity teaser - how to reap the benefit of diversity and differences

Is your workplace heterogeneous and protects diversity? Or a homogeneous workplace with a need to challenge attitudes and prejudices? Or maybe a workplace that is looking for alternatives to theoretical plans in your diversity work?

About the service
TILLT offers your leaders and employees practical training in cooperative ability as well as handling the differences and cultural clashes that diversity challenges us with. Together we explore, challenge and test attitudes about diversity. We work with responsiveness where openness to each other's differences gives new insights.
The purpose is to strengthen your ability to cooperate and thus bring home the value of differences and diversity.

This is how we work
Under the guidance of TILLT's process manager Maria Mebius-Schröder and the behavioral scientist Patrick Gruczkun from the Gothenburg Region, you get 3 dynamic hours where theory is interspersed with lustful and reflective exercises. We conclude by telling about TILLT's longer development processes in Inclusion and Intercultural approaches where the focus is on just cognitive diversity.
For more information about Diversity Teaser please contact Maria Mebius-Schröder.

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