the history of TILLT

TILLT’s roots go back more than a hundred years, when the theatre company Skådebanan was founded in Stockholm in 1910.

In recent years, the regional spin-off Skådebanan Västra Götaland evolved together with society as a whole. This has meant changes in the activities, which make us now even better equipped to realize our vision:

”A creative society in which art contributes to human growth”
The history and soul of TILLT had – and still have, in many ways – have their origin in a popular educational setting seeking to build cultural and creative values for all. The goal has continuously been to widen interest for culture and make culture available for as many as possible.
We believe that art, the artistic competence, and artistic tools can contribute to develop individuals, organisations and society as a whole. We believe that our activities contribute to a better world, a society in which art and culture are always present.