To challenge the traditional image of the industry

TILLT and Chalmers University of Technology made a project together with artist Linda Nordfors with the aim of challenging the traditional image of the industry, in society and for our young people.

Today’s discourse needs to be about the industry of the future, which is “clean, close and cool” where creativity and innovation are central. This issue is crucial both for future jobs and the employment of young people and for the industry’s competitiveness.
”We are facing a new industrialisation of Europe. During 2020 the small cohorts will make it difficult to find workers to industry jobs in Sweden. Chalmers has a close cooperation with the industry in the west of Sweden, and knows what type of challenge we are facing. The old image of the industry, like that created by artist Charlie Chaplin in “Modern Times” needs to change. How can artists today create a new image of the industry?

Professor Johan Stahre, Chalmers University of Technology.

The film shows a lunch seminar arranged by TILLT and Linda Nordfors and Johan Stahre during the project.