think tank for increased affinity

An 18-month long project aiming to increase affinity between the company i3tex and its consultants from different professional origin.

During the project, Christine Falkenland created a think-tank including consultants, representatives from management, and the company’s administration. In an open process in which idea generation alternated with creative exercises, ideas were continuously considered and reconsidered on how to increase affinity and fellowship.

Finally, what the group decided to implement to increase affinity was to do something for others. Concretely, through having the employees voluntarily, freely share their knowledge or capacity to do something good for someone else. “Other”, could be people in need, animals, or nature. The company created the possibility to share knowledge through individual initiative, in an activity/workshop or through the company’s intranet.

One example of a concrete innovation developed through the project period was an app, which convenes and assembles the volunteers of Radiohjälpen, a multimedia fundraising campaign, the Swedish version of the Serious Request concept. 

Christine Falkenland