Integration and Citizenship

What is citizenship? How can migration influence ideas about citizenship, and how can integration and citizenship influence each other? These are some questions to be explored under FORA, a Europe for Citizens supported project until 30 june 2018. TILLT has recruited Behjat O A as an artist for the Swedish activities. Other partners are Centar za mirovne studije in Croatia, Symβiosis in Greece, and Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju in Serbia. Keep your eyes open for updates here. Image: Behjat O A's "From a Distance". Read more about Behjat here.

Meetings between new and stablished swedes in Borås and Tranemo

New and established swedes meet in our artistdriven integration project in Borås and Tranemo.

I am the ocean – environmental work in the Baltic Sea region

Art meets science in innovation processes about environmental issues for young people.

At our lunch seminar "I am the ocean," on the 30th of November 2016, guests could learn about the processes with young people about environmental challenges within the project Baltic Art/mosphere.
The Swedish activities were led by marine biologist Sam Dupont and artist Henrik Wallgren.
Financed by the Swedish Institute.
Take a peek at this film from the Swedish workshop:

Sustainable Infrastructure

Artists, builders and contractors work together to develop the future of the transport infrastructure in the project InfraSweden2030.

Pictures from 2016.

Borderline Offensive

West Balkan

In this project TILLT supported new ways of employing art as a development factor in several social arenas in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.
Please click here for the slideshow from our mutural work days in Macedonia.

Half the World

On the 14th of November 2016, we had our lunch seminar about gender equality, with guests from Egypt: Reem Kassem och Kariem Saleh. Via the photo exhibition "Half the world", participants could reflect about the Egyptian perspective, and discuss about gender equality and its challenges in Sweden, Egypt and the world. Photos by ©Kariem Saleh.

Better for the elderly in Mark, Vårgårda och Herrljunga

”Horizon” was our project focused on artist-led development processes in the elderly care sector, in the informal Swedish region of Sjuhärad.

...implements artist-led development processes within a varied set of different social issues.

...currently working with
- integration
- environmental challenges
- development in elderly care
- diversity
- values, groups and teambuilding

...implements around 25 projects per year. From 1-day only to multiyear projects.

...has a long-term commission from the Västra Götaland Region’s cultural board, as well as activity commission from the Västra Götaland Region’s regional development board and the Swedish National Arts Council.

...has its office in Gothenburg, with 6 employees.

...provides employment opportunities to 10-20 artists yearly.

...has implemented 14 big international projects since 2009. not a profit-driven corporation, and is 100% owned by the non profit association Skådebanan Västra Götaland.
The association has members from the whole Västra Götaland Region. Examples of member organisations are the regional big cultural institutions, adult and lifelong learning institutions, organisations within the private and public sector, and also trade unions and social partners in the work market sector.

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