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Antonio from Spain

1. What is your personal experience of rain from where you come?
I come from a city in the South West of Spain, called Badajoz, where I lived for 18 years. It’s not located by the sea so it’s quite dry there both during summer and winter. It doesn’t rain there much, it could go weeks without any rain. But when it did rain, it was short and intense. For instance, it could rain a lot for about an hour or so, and then it disappeared.
I thought of the rain as annoying. It wasn’t something I looked forward to because it was such heavy rain and I would therefore get soaked, especially if I wasn’t prepared. But I mostly stayed inside when it was raining because I knew that it would pass after a short period of time and I could continue with what I was doing.
One time when I was 7 years old, there was flooding in my hometown and some people died of it. I don’t remember that much but I remember that it happened during the night and I couldn’t go to school the next day since I couldn’t cross the bridge that I needed to cross in order to get there. Although I wasn’t scared and the next day it was sunny, I think, and I went with my parents to go look at the affected areas.

2. Have your attitude towards rain changed since you moved to Gothenburg? In what way?
I have lived in Sweden for a total of almost 4 years now: 1 year in Borås and almost 3 years in Gothenburg. The rain is very different here from Badajoz. Here, it rains more constantly, but not as much heavy rain. Instead, it is always in the air. So, somehow, the rain is a part of my image of Gothenburg. I would say it paints Gothenburg. Some would say that the rain here is annoying, but for me, since it’s always there but not as much heavy rain, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t stay inside anymore when it’s raining as I did in my hometown. It doesn’t bother me or stops me from doing anything. I don’t even always bring an umbrella.
When I think of Gothenburg, I see a color palette of blue, (like a blue, clear sky), yellow, and brown. And the rain is also a part of that color palette, although it’s difficult to describe the color of the rain, but in my mind it’s grey. In that sense, I really like the colors of Gothenburg and in a way, that is what makes me stay.
My favorite spot in Gothenburg is Stenpiren. It’s the perfect combination of the light rain, the river, and the wide sky (in comparison with places where the buildings are in the way for me to see the whole sky). You can see all these different colors blend, with the rain and the yellow-brownish buildings. It all melts together.

Ammar from Sudan

1. What is your personal experience of rain from where you come?
Rain for me is life!
I come from an African country which is mostly desert. The city where I come from is Khartoum where It rains only three month a year July to Oct. Rain is always associated with joy and happiness and prosperity and off course abundance off crops.

Where I grew up, we appreciate rain as most for activities connected with the rain and it has a huge impact in our live. Good rain season means good harvest and good money for the year so kids can to school and people can get married and form families. Most of festivals and carnivals relates to rain season such as weddings as most people plan their wedding at end og the rainy season.
I remember when I was a kid when it rained, we celebrated, sing and play. It was so much joy and fun. It is like when it snows during Christmas.
In cities some time rain could cause flood as most of the urban areas has poor infrastructure that can’t handle intense rains which might cause flood int the cities. But still rain consider as very positive as it's also cooling the temperature and reducing the air pollution.

2. Have your attitude towards rain changed since you moved to Gothenburg? In what way?
I like rain, this is imbedded in my gens. Maybe I have started to appreciate the sun more however it's the opposite idea about weather in my home country. Sunny weather= bad weather, rainy/ cloudy =nice weather but still I enjoy rain a lot. I thinks people here appreciate rain too, I have seen people living and enjoying life regardless the weather.

I often go for a walk with my family, even if it's raining, we can still enjoy our walk. We often go to playgrounds during the rain it is fine to be there.
I moved to Gothenburg 2016 from Lund. It rains a lot in Gothenburg compare to Lund. It seems in Gothenburg as Göteborgare is more compatible with rain than Lundabor. Fore example in Lund people tend to stay home when it rains, but I Göteborg I think people is adapted to that it rains more. For me I am more Göteborgare than Lundabo when it comes to rain.

rain gothenburg

Rain Gothenburg ser regnet som en tillgång och har visionen att Göteborg ska bli världens bästa stad när det regnar. Vi sätter de mänskliga behoven och känslorna i centrum och bidrar med kreativa tankesätt i staden. Rain Gothenburg var ursprungligen en av många idéer som göteborgarna bidrog med inför stadens 400-årsjubileum.