Together with a number of regional and international representatives for cultural organizations, business organizations, educational sector, public sector, academia, non-profit organizations and more, TILLT's Board of Directors has formulated and signed a text based on the Västra Götaland Region's cultural committee's decision to terminate its assignment to TILLT.

TILLT should be celebrated, not shut down

TILLT is a valuble organisation who works together with artists to contribute to societal development and new working methods in several different sectors in the Region  Västra Götaland.
During the past 18 years, TILLT has played a significant and important role to freelance artists. The organisation offers both employment for artists and open doors to entirely new contexts for them to work in.
The presidium for the cultural affairs committee in the Region Västra Götaland, suggests to cut funding to TILLT, a decision which is to be made on Thursday on the 2nd of April. If the funding is cut, it means that an organisation which is unique and contributes to societal developments will cease to exist.

Through well-researched methods, developed within the areas of elderly care, emergency services, integration and climate adaptation TILLT contributes to creative, meaningful and safe working environments and staff groups, which in turn helps people grow and develop in their profession. The work TILLT does makes a difference for the elderly and marginalized groups in our society and contributes to development in municipalities and in businesses.
TILLT has, since 2009, led and participated in 17 large-scale international projects, and is actively bringing EU-funds to the region. TILLT has developed methods that increases people’s participation and creativity, which has gained both national and international acclaim and attention. Research and  reports points out the work in the organisation as an outstanding resource.

TILLT has managed to achieve a uniqe competence that is in danger of dissapearing. This leads to questions about the future: Who will lead innovative processes and meet societal challenges with creativity in the Region Västra Götaland? Who will facilitate meetings, with room for the unexpected to happen, where new directions can be explored and new solutions can take shape?
TILLT is needed now more than ever! To create bridges between artists and workplaces and to meet society’s big questions with new perspectives. TILLT creates innovative projects based on societal needs – which is especially important in a world that faces never-before-seen enormous challenges.
TILLT is a wellfunctioning and world unique organisation that musn’t be shut down!

Information: TILLT is an organisation which creates projects about sociteal challenges, where artists are creative motors. TILLT creates projects in the Region of Västra Götaland as well as international projects.
TILLT has a long-term commission from the Regional Authority of Västra Götaland as well as a commission from the Swedish Arts Council.

Agnieszka Buśk, Vicepresident of the board, STOP-KLATKA Association of Drama Practitioners Polen
Alexander Styhre, Professor i Företagsekonomi, Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet 
Andrea Campiglio Rodegher, Chairperson, Il Teatro Prova, Bergamo Italien
Anna Brorson, Verksamhetsutvecklare, Sensus Västra Sverige 
Anna Hallström, Skådespelare , CoActing Entertainment 
Anna Heikkinen, Frilansande sångerska  
Anna Simmons, Projektledare, CSR Västsverige 
Anna Westberg, Dansare  
Anne Eriksson, Projekt- och utvecklingschef, Räddningstjänsten Skåne nordväst 
Annika Broman, tf regionchef, Sensus Västra Sverige 
Ann-Louise Friberg, Regionchef, NBV Väst 
Ben Twist, Director, Creative Carbon Scotland, Edinburgh Storbritannien
Bibbi Böresen, Leder av Sirius, Fredrikstad kunstnerunion, Fredrikstad Norge
Bibbi Forsman, Programproducent, Blå Stället 
Carina Ohlsson, Ordförande, ABF Västra Götaland 
Catharina Bergil, Enhetschef för scenutbildningarna vid Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborgs universitet 
Catriona Patterson, Green Arts Manager, Creative Carbon Scotland, Edinburgh Storbritannien
Cecilia Olsson Malmström, Verksamhetsutvecklingschef, Danscentrum Väst 
Chris Fremantle, Research Fellow and Lecturer in Contemp. Art Practice, Gray's School of Art Robert Gordon University Storbritannien
David Sperling Bolander, Skådespelare och regissör  
Emma Connors, Arts Development Manager, Axis Ballymun, Dublin Ireland
Erik Lundin, Skådespelare   
Eva Peeters, Project Manager, Greentrack Gent Belgien
Gerry Wardell, Director, City of Dublin Energy Management Agency Ltd Irland
Helena Östblom Berg, Verksamhetsledare, Musikcentrum Väst 
Henrik Wallgren, Konstnär
Inger Unenge, Verksamhetsledare, KulturUngdom 
Israel Aloni
, Konstnärlig ledare, ilDance
Jeanette Langert, Ordförande, Danscentrum Väst 
Jotham Sietsma, Managing Director, MitOst e.V. (Berlin) Tyskland
Junaid Sarieddeen, Actor, director, founding, and board member, Zoukak Theatre Company and Culture association, Beirut Libanon
Katarina Matson, Senior Expert Culture & Diversity, Volvo Cars AB 
Kiriaki Christoforidis, Muntlig berättare
Lee Brummer, Konstnärlig ledare, ilDance
Leslie Mabon, Senior Lecturer in Social Science, Scottish Association for Marine Science Storbritannien
Linda K Nordfors, Affärsutvecklare och konstnär, Reflection Company AB 
Lotta Sjölin Cederblad, Sångerska  
Malin Oest, Organisationskonsult och moderator, Huvudfoting 
Malin Wättring, Frilansande musiker och kompositör 
Margarita Dorovska, Director, The Museum of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo Bulgarien
Maria Hultberg, Verksamhetsutvecklare, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan 
Martina Jakobsson, Konstnär och pedagog  
Matilda Klamas, Konstnärlig ledare, Teater Nu 
Maya Zbib, Founding member and president, Zoukak Theatre Company and Culture association, Beirut Libanon
Mia Samuelsson, Konstnärlig ledare, Göteborg & Co 
Michael Eriksson, Koordinator AHAfestivalen, Chalmers tekniska högskola 
Michal Hladky, Director, Creative Industry Košice Slovakien
Mirja Bulin, Frilansande skådespelare
Monica Berglund, Direktör, Tre Stiftelser 
Ola Wirtberg
, fd Regionchef, ABF Västra Götaland
Omar Abi Azar, Actor, director, founding member, and board member, Zoukak Theatre Company and Culture association, Beirut Libanon
Patrick Gruczkun, Samarbetsbolaget 
Peter Wanselius, Regissör och skådespelare, Reactconsulting  
Pierre Svensson, Regionchef, Unionen Göteborg 
Rasha Shaaban, Project Manager, Världskulturmuseet 
Sally Abu Bakr
, Director of Culture and Social Affairs Department, Ramallah Municipality
Santiago Cambón, Distriktschef, NBV Väst 
Sikko Cleveringa, Director, Community Arts Lab XL Nederländerna
Silvia Giordano, International Producer and Project Coordinator, Il Teatro Prova, Bergamo Italien
Stina-Britt Björk, fd Regionchef, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan 
Tea Vidovic, Project Manager, Centre for peace studies Kroatien
Thomas Jäderlund, Enhetschef, Universitetslektor, Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborgs Universitet 
Ulrika Jansson, Konstnär  
Veera Suvalo Grimberg, Konstnärlig ledare, Danskompaniet Spinn 
Victoria Alarik, Danskonstnär  
Yashuito Mori, Musiker