Current project

Horisont (Horizon)

Horizon is a project aiming to create a cross-sectorial meeting between art/culture and workplaces within the public sector. This is achieved by having 3 artists, under 10 months, driving and performing artistic processes together with staff and residents at 3 different nursing homes, in 3 municipalities of the Borås region: Herrljunga, Mark and Vårgårda.

The artists are Kiriaki Christoforidis (Mark), Stina Hedberg (Vårgårda) and Erik Lundin (Herrljunga).

The project aims to, through the presence of the artists:
- Explore the concept of activities and pave possible ways for new types of activities for the elderly;
- Strengthen the staff's own creativity at work, to find new ways of life meaningfulness for the elderly;
- Make possible to deepen and develop critical issues that are important to the three nursing homes and may also be relevant for other elderly care facilities in the region.