Current project

Älvstranden utveckling/Henrik Wallgren and Linda Wallgren

The municipal company Älvstranden Utveckling AB in Gothenburg has collaborated with TILLT on two development projects. The first, an innovation lab about the concept to build the Centralhuset in Sannegårdshamnen, with Henrik Wallgren as an artist, and a 1 year-long project with artist Linda Wallgren.

The lab was focused on the approved but not yet built Centralhuset in Sannegårdshamnen in Gothenburg, and how the cultural and creative industries could contribute to the conceptual development of the building. Challenges approached during the lab:

- How can we build/develop a house where there is hustle and bustle around the clock?
- How can such a development be economically sustainable?
- What organisations should be engaged as a complement to other actors in the area?
- How to reach different audiences? Children, adults, seniors?

Besides representatives of Älvstranden Uteveckling AB, participants were local inhabitants, local business owners, researchers, representatives of Gothenburg’s city planning department, politicians, students, and representatives from Västarvet, Sweden’s largest organization engaged in administering natural and cultural heritage, with seat in Västra Götaland.

During the ten-month-long deepening project, the scenographer Linda Wallgren has been at Älvstranden Utveckling AB one day every week. The first period was devoted to getting to know the workplace through interviews and attendance at meetings, as well as other relevant contexts. Linda's thoughts on what the workplace could develop with her help were discussed and formulated together with the project team that was assigned to the project.

When the action plan was devised, the focus became on the children's perspective. The project "Children's Garden" emerged. Concretely, this meant that Linda Wallgren visited a number of schools and kindergartens and had a workshop about soil and seeds. The children prepared plant-strips and seed-bombs, which they should plant in Frihamnen (the area being developed), as part of the construction development taking place there. Groups of children who had met Linda in schools were then invited to meet her on location at Frihamnen, where a planting-workshop took place. The idea was also that children will later harvest the seeds from the grown plants, and give them to new children who will be plant new flowers and then give the seeds to the children who will plant new flowers...