Current projects

Borderline Offensive - laughing in the face of fear.

Art, integration and humour.
TILLT is running the project Borderline Offensive that aims at challenging ignorance, fear and stereotypes through meetings between migrants and established Europeans. The red thread in this meetings are 20 artists that work as a creative engine in the project.
Project partners are besides TILLT 11 organizations in as many countries around Europe and the Middle East and North Africa.
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A video from the Swedish artistic residence in June 2018.


2017-10-16--20, Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 
A small selection of pictures from 5 days full of learning, inspiration, reflection, laughter and community building during the kick-off of Borderline Offensive project activities. 
All photos by: Borderline Offensive, Ivan-Aleksandyr Kjutev, Silvia Cherkezova and TILLT.