About us

TILLT has a vision for a creative society, in which art contributes to human growth. We have a long-term commission from the Regional Authority of Västra Götaland to be ”a resource for organisations and businesses, as well as artists, to promote sustainable social development”.

We believe that art, the artistic competence, and artistic tools can contribute to develop individuals, organisations and society as a whole. We believe that our activities contribute to a better world, a society in which art and culture are always present.

We work with creativity, awareness, and sustainable development.

TILLT takes the initiative to create development projects in which art and culture meet challenges in other, non-artistic sectors of society. We want to challenge, while issues such as participation, interactivity, diversity, motivation and reflection are always and simultaneously important ingredients. We believe that these are prerequisites for the possibility of informed choice by individuals, organisations, and society. 

In our work, the high priority is to cooperate with actors in society which work towards the same goals and vision. 

TILLT is an svb-company, a Swedish form of limited corporation with limited dividend distribution (not-for-profit). The company is owned entirely by the non-profit association Skådebanan Västra Götaland, which in its turn is a part of the historical Skådebanerörelsen, with activity in all of Sweden. 

We are here because we want to develop people, organizations and society. We want art and culture to have a bigger role in society and societal development, and thus create a better and more creative world

We create projects in which artists and organisations meet to develop creative and innovative processes, around topics such as communication, innovation development, idea generation, leadership, values and diversity..

Our projects can run from just a few hours to a year, or more. In our projects, we create individual, organisational, and artistic development. A process leader follows and supports the process.